Matt NiepielkoEducation

  • 2014 Ph.D., Rutgers University, New Jersey
  • 2010 M.S., Rutgers University, New Jersey
  • 2008 B.S., Richard Stockton College, New Jersey

Professional Experience

  • 2010- current: Research Assistant, Center for Computational and Integrative Biology, Biology Department, Rutgers University
  • 2008-2009: Teacher’s Assistant, Biology Department, Rutgers University

Research Interests

Currently studies the role of EGFR signaling in morphological novelty on the Drosophila eggshell. 

Scholarships & Awards

  • Recipient of the Alumni Association Graduate School Academic Achievement Award, 2014.
  • Recipient of the DeLill Nasser GSA Award, 2014.
  • Recipient of the Lansbury Prize for Academic Excellence, 2013.
  • Graduate Student Travel Fund, 2012
  • Graduate Student Travel Fund, 2010
  • Graduate Student Travel Fund, 2009
  • Graduate Student Research Fund, 2009
  • James Jones Wildlife Conservation Award, 2008


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  4. M.G. Niepielko, Y. Hernáiz-Hernández, and N. Yakoby. BMP signaling dynamics in the follicle cells of multiple Drosophila species. 2011. Developmental Biology. 354:151-159.

* Contributed equally